Sunday, 12 May 2013

In Spain no one can hear you scream "DAMN PIRELLI"

Well wasn’t today an interesting race? That was rhetorical, you shouldn’t have answered that because A) it was rhetorical and B) how could I possibly hear you? That was rhetorical too, stop answering these questions. The correct response is no, that race wasn’t interesting at all really it was bog standard 2013 race.

Firstly I’d like to apologise about how late this post is, but I just got off a train and am in London for the next few weeks in my lovely hotel room with a stupidly loud fan that I can’t turn off in the ceiling, so as I can’t reference to the race on IPlayer as I do when writing these posts, it may not be quite so accurate.

"Hmm, we might get three laps with all these tyres."
The race was dominated by tyres, a Torro Rosso’s exploded and a Caterham lost one around turn 9, the tyres fell away and didn’t last very long, with most of the grid doing 4 stops. A lot of people are blaming Pirelli and some even going so far as to say “I won’t ever buy their road tyres because look how bad they are”, however I think the F1 contract shows how competent they are, they have been specifically asked to
make a tyre that falls apart quickly to engineer more exciting racing.

If anyone is to blame for the dodgy foot wear given to these cars, then it’s the FIA, and Dark Sith Lord Volde-emperor-Jong-Il himself, Mr Ecclestone. They wanted some spectacular racing due to the tyres, and what they got was a fairly dull train of top class drivers who can’t push their cars because they’ll break the tyres.

Spain is actually really curved
Anyway, to business, Fernando won after a great first three laps, after that no one really challenged him, which was good to the home crowd who seem to support him as some sort of demi-god. It’s actually a bit creepy.

Kimi waltzed into second, no real problems for him, a few overtakes but mainly just managing his tyres.

Massa was the top dog in Ferrari, going from 9th to 3rd in a race with few overtakes; the Brazilian looked quite pleased, as did the Tifinosi.

Mercedes really need to look into their tyre wear, its bizarre how they can be so fast in one lap, but the moment they do two, everything falls apart; I’m almost certain that they’ve decided to just give up developing this car and make a championship automobile next year.

McLaren did well I suppose. I’m going to leave it there because I don’t want to embarrass them.

Esteban did very well, dragging his car up from 17th (Cannot confirm) to 11th, he was so near the points yet so far, so congratulations to him, especially because that Sauber is very dodgy.

They locked out the front row, Pirelli locked them out
of the podium.
Di Resta did that thing he did, where one minute he’s 6th, then he’s 9th, then he’s 2nd. Stop doing that, it makes it really hard to follow where you are. Most likely though it’s a problem with FIA who seem to not
like filming Force India even when they are properly racing, and no racing is happening elsewhere.

Overall though, nothing that fancy, the tyres designed to infuse excitement have, in many respects, removed it from F1. Only time will tell what will happen to these tyres, although Pirelli are already giving into the publics pressures.

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